College Radio Cuts: WGTB and Georgetown Basketball, 1976

I am making a lot of painful cuts in the book manuscript right now, so I’m archiving them here.

At Georgetown University in 1976, WGTB DJs faced an administrative-led Review Board dictate to air sports.

Students had complained that the station didn’t serve their interests. They objected to Pacifica-influenced progressive programming, as well. Thus the Review Board instructed WGTB to cover Georgetown sports, particularly its popular basketball program.

So the DJs programmed more sports: women’s sports.

A Hoya reporter characterized the move, “One small step for man, one giant reprisal for womankind.” Covering basketball games constituted a political act, one way or another.

Source: Mike Perlmuter, “Alternative Move by WGTB Radio” The Hoya, January 23, 1976, p. 16,

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