College Radio Cuts: More Georgetown

I am making a lot of painful cuts in the book manuscript right now, so I’m archiving them here.

“The news is strange, and they never play any Springsteen,” read a complaint from a student newspaper reporter at Georgetown University in 1976. WGTB’s troubles amounted to more than ignoring school basketball games and occasionally air dirty words, and they eventually resulted in the Jesuit administration selling the station for a pittance in 1979. The station aired Pacifica-inspired programming, news and information, which included shows dedicated to Washington D.C.’s queer communities and feminist groups. Georgetown leveraged institutional values and culture—and public and university service—to prevent the broadcast of voices seemingly out of keeping with strict Jesuit traditions.

Source: Jim Colaprico, “Sleeman Barred from Station, Claims Wholesale Censorship”; Wayne Saitta, “SAC Proposes Return of GU’s AM Carrier” The Hoya, January 16, 1976,

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