What’s in my Bag? Campus Visit Spring 2021 Edition

This video is for Jason Scott Smith!

My planner (Hobonichi A5) and Notebook – find them here

Miloo Ydra Organizer here

Miloo Estia (personal items) here (my color not currently available)

Miloo Rec Double here

Acro 1000 .5 here

Mark+ Highlighters here

What are your favorite tools this spring? What always goes in your bag?

One response to “What’s in my Bag? Campus Visit Spring 2021 Edition”

  1. My pen case is a Clairefontaine Basic green leather pencil case. In it I have:

    Pentel Sharp mechanical pencil .7 (x2) — I have used these since I was an undergraduate and have a couple floating around that I’ve actually had since grad school (ca. 1996/8); in normal times, I collect hard copies of student papers and grade them with these. Also use them for writing in books.

    Pentel Clic eraser (x2)

    Zebra disposable fountain pens, blue & purple — I hardly ever use these, other than occasionally for correspondence. I always think I want to be a person who writes with fountain pens, but I never enjoy writing with them and hate the way my writing looks when I use them.

    Pilot G-2 .7 blue — my go-to. I use black for work/official stuff, but I favor blue for any personal writing, or did until I found out about blue-black!

    jump drive (I never use this, not sure why I have it)

    Essentials grid-lined A5 notebook w/ Pilot Juice .5 (from Tokyo Pen Shop blue black sample set) — this is my commonplace book for personal writing (non-journal type), notes on books I’m reading, quotes, drafting playlists, etc. This was an experiment — for years (decades) I used composition books for this purpose. I’m getting to the end of this hardback A5, and I’m not sure whether I’ll get another or go back to comp books. I love the A5 size for portability, but sometimes the pages aren’t big enough for my purposes.

    Hobonichi Techo planner w/ Zebra Sarasa Clip .5 (from Tokyo Pen Shop blue black sample set) — I had been doing a bullet journal style planner using Leuchhturm1917, but I found that having to create the layouts became an impediment to my actually using it as a planner. When I saw your video with the Hobonichi, I thought it would be a perfect in-between, and it is. I can use it exactly the way I’d been doing the bullet journal, but the pages are already created and dated. I love it!

    I’m posting a picture of this on Twitter. 🙂

    I know the podcast was a lot of work, but it brought me (and others, I’m sure) such joy! I hope you’ll have the time and motivation to do another volume!

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